Spam Filtering

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HostHead provides professional services to protect your e-mail from accrued unwanted spam e-mail and viruses that could potentially ruin your computer and all of your personal files.

email filtering

Email Filtering Services

At HostHead we use the latest E-mail filtering services technology. Our highly skilled staff is dedicated to keeping your computer safe and operating. Our e-mail filtering services include:

  • Fully Compatible With Any SMTP Mail Server
  • Routes Mail On a Per-Domain Basis
  • Per Recipient/Host Whitelists And Blacklists
  • Temporary Storage With Retries In Case Of Final Server Failure
  • SMTP Callout For E-Mail Address Validation

anti-spam services

Anti-Spam Services

Thousands of people have their e-mail accounts constantly filled with unwanted spam mail. SpamAssassin is an intelligent mail filter that uses a diverse range of of tests to identify unsolicited bulk e-mail and can be integrated into virtually any e-mail system.

  • SpamAssassin Base Ruleset And Additional Rules
  • Razor Checksum Verification
  • Bayesian Controls
  • URL RBLs
  • RBL Checks
  • SPF Checks


Anti-Virus / Dangerous Content

To maintain your computers safety, HostHead uses a highly advanced Anti-Virus program to help identify, neutralize and eliminate malicious attacks to your e-mail account. Our program also helps to identify potentially dangerous content contained within your e-mails to prevent loss of personal files or permanent damage to your computer.

  • Antivirus Scanning Engine With Automatic Updates
  • File Type And File Name Access Lists
  • Detection Of Potentially Dangerous Content

web quarantine

Web Quarantine

This powerful feature includes the following services:

  • IMAP/POP3 Auth Connector (to authenticate against a POP3 or IMAP server)
  • Full Access To User Quarantine, With Message Release and Analysis Options
  • Per e-mail address configuration options, such as delivery mode (tag, quarantine, drop), periodic summaries

To learn more about our plans and pricing for this service please get in touch with our sales team by filling out our contact page.

Hosthead is my favorite, and only host, that I recommend to my clients. Their prices and services are excellent and their tech support is above and beyond any company I've ever worked with. I've never been disappointed with them, and would heartily recommend them to any business looking for a reliable host.

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